10 Fun Things To Do At Home With The Kids

Posted by Charlotte on 31st Mar 2020

10 Fun Things To Do At Home With The Kids

It’s not always possible to fill the days with taking the kids out or going out to do all the exciting activities they would love to whilst they’re off school or on the weekends, like taking them bowling, to the zoo, or even swimming and it can often be due to many reasons. A lot of things that myself and other parents I know are often affected by are things like money situations, transport, illnesses and more often than not, the weather. The weather is often the biggest factor to why plans have to change or get cancelled entirely as a bad weather day can quickly turn the day sour.

As we can’t always go out, it’s good to have a few activities in your back pocket for when you do have to stay home, so here are some ideas for you for when things don’t always go to plan or if you just want to spend some time at home with your kids rather than going out, the kids will love them and will also help burn off all that energy they have!

Here are my top 10 recommended activities:


1. Baking.

Now I know you might be thinking that this would be your worst nightmare, instantly thinking about how messy the kitchen will be once you’re finished but they will absolutely love being in the kitchen with you. My kids get really excited but also are very well-behaved as they are aware that there are hot ovens and stoves in the kitchen and that they need to be careful, this is something you can teach your kids quite quickly too.

It doesn’t have to be baking, you can cook with the kids too! There are so many simple recipes out there that you can do with the children to get them involved and if you are not too confident in letting them near a hot stove or oven, there are loads of non-cooking recipes too that you can follow.

Create a treasure hunt.

2. Create a treasure hunt.

This one will require a bit of work on your part but is lots of fun for the kids and will keep them busy for quite a while! You can create fun riddles so when they get it right, they know where to go next and with each clue, you can give them a small treat and when they get to the end, they get a prize. You can run it around the house and into the garden too to give them some fresh air as it will keep them entertained but will also help burn off some of their energy.

If your kids are older you can always make harder clues or different riddles and then give them bigger prizes as they move around the house, the only thing I struggle with is that once everything's set up, I often find it hard to not get involved in the fun but I guess that would be classed as cheating as I know where all the prizes are!

Face Painting.

3. Face Painting.

Turn the kids into their favourite wild animals or give them fake tattoos for a bit of fun! You don’t have to be a professional artist to pull it off either as there are hundreds of quick and easy ideas online if you’re struggling and many places even sell stencils if you’re not that confident. The kids will love being their favourite animal for the day!

Do some arts and crafts.

4. Do some arts and crafts.

Speaking of painting, let the kids get creative and do some arts and crafts! You’re never too old to have fun creating pictures and getting artsy, so whilst the older kids have fun creating a perfect masterpiece, the younger kids will love being able to get messy. Giving the younger children a chance to get involved is also very beneficial for their development, teaching them lots of sensory experiences they may not have had before.

As well as painting, you can do other types of arts and craft activities such as creating life size pictures of each other and using different craft accessories or even items you have around the house to do so.

Create your own band and make some music.

5. Create your own band and make some music.

If you have any instruments in your house, now is the perfect time to use them. Create a band for you and the kids and teach them how to play the various instruments, they’ll become focused and enjoy listening to all the various sounds, again this is another good activity for the younger kids to learn more sensory skills.

If you don’t have any instruments in your home, no problem! You don’t have to go out and buy any kids instruments or use any expensive musical equipment you already have, especially if you have young children. Simply go into the kitchen, grab a few pots and pans to use as drums and some wooden spoons as the drum sticks, a rice shaker as maracas and just let their imagination run wild with creating your own musical kit! Then you can have your very own festival at home.

Make a den.

6. Make a den.

Have fun and create a den with the kids. Gather together all of the pillows, chairs and blankets and make the best den, big or small. Make it nice and cosy with loads of blankets and pillow and night lights for the kids and even turn it into their own hangout spot for the night where you can all cost up and watch a movie together.

Not wanting to mess up your living room and sofas? Then why not go into your garden or even your local woods and create a den outdoors instead? Taking them out outdoors is one of the best things to do with kids and is something you can keep going back to build gradually and will make the kids feel like they have their very own den in a magical rainforest.

Create your own games.

7. Create your own games.

Can’t go out bowling? Make your own game! Get some empty water bottles, fill them with a tiny bit or water and get a small, soft ball and play some games of bowling, either in the garden or indoors too! It really does bring the fun home and is also fun for the adults to get involved too, just make sure not to get too competitive.

You can also play your own outdoor games even if you haven’t got the proper equipment, you can play football in the garden or basketball by making your own goals and baskets. It allows the kids to get out and keep active whilst also having fun and spending time with the whole family.

Paper mache.

8. Paper mache.

Who knew balloons and old newspapers could be so much fun? I used to love doing paper mache as a kid, waiting for it to dry so I could go crazy with all my decorations and different coloured paints and it’s definitely something I still enjoy doing now as an adult with the kids.

Easy recipes can be found online but you pretty much just need some old newspapers, glue and balloons and then whatever decorations or paints you would like to use to decorate them with after, paper mache is another fun activity to do at home that will allow the children's run wild and is fun for all ages so even the parents can relive their childhoods.

Do some gardening.

9. Do some gardening.

When the weather is nice, I love being out in the garden sorting out my flower beds and the kids always love to help and get their hands dirty helping me rip out all the weeds. There are lots of plants that you can grow with the kids that don’t take too much looking after that they will be able to see grow quickly.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden either as you can use small planters and place them inside on your window sill and it won't matter then what time of the year you are trying to grow them. Plant things like herbs and watercress which are easy to look after and then that way once they have grown fully, the children will be able to taste the things they have looked after and grown.

Create your own cinemas.

10. Create your own cinemas.

Finally, we’re at number 10 and probably my favourite activity out of my suggestions, I’m a sucker for a good movie marathon and have been loving all the new Disney films lately! If you don’t have a cinema close enough to you or just fancy saving the money and staying at home, creating your own cinemas is a perfect idea.

The kids can help you make the popcorn and prepare the snacks, gather loads of blankets and pillows and snuggle up on the sofa to watch the latest films together. After a long and busy day of arts and crafts and gardening, the kids will be exhausted and will be more than happy to sit quietly for a few hours to watch their favourite new film, a treat for us parents too!

As well as the above, there are plenty more fun activities for you and the kids, such as;

Do some crazy doodling Create play-dough statues Have a paper aeroplane competition Put on your own play Play some board games Make a family tree Create a kids indoor gym Make finger paint animals Create your own TV show Decorate cookies

When you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, all of the activities above will help keep the boredom away and keep your kids entertained for a pretty long time.

These fun activities for kids are easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house. (Your kids can do their part for the environment and keep themselves occupied at the same time.)

Best of all, the majority of these ideas hardly require an electronic device or an app, so you don’t have to worry about too much screen time for the kids!

I hope these help during the periods of time you may need to spend at home because my kids sure do love all of the above and I’m sure you and your children will too.

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