10 Ways to Wind Down After Work

Posted by Bethany on 19th May 2022

10 Ways to Wind Down After Work

10 Ways to Wind Down After Work

With more workplaces offering remote working or hybrid working options, it’s more important than ever that we all take time for self-care and learn how to relax properly.

We know this can be really difficult during the working week, as many of us find it difficult to switch off after work.

So with that in mind, we’ve brought together a collection of 10 tips and tricks offering advice on how to unwind after work.

We can all take more time to look after our physical and mental well being and be more productive and healthier in the long run. 

Stop Working

 Be strict with your working hours

This one sounds obvious, but so many of us are guilty of carrying on working way past our normal hours, especially when working from home.

This is great to help out when you’re busy, but everybody needs to take time to switch off so you can come back feeling refreshed the next day. Being strict with yourself and the hours you put in each day is a great way to successfully relax after work.

Once you’ve finished your work for the day, make a strict rule to not keep checking your work emails throughout the evening.

If you’re a worrier and can’t go an evening without checking, then why not schedule a specific time to check your emails? This will prevent you from constantly looking and allow you to switch off once you’ve done your final evening check. 

Schedule Hobby Time

Start crafting 

We can all get lost in the day to day routine of work and life, and a lot of us forget to make time for our favourite hobbies and crafting activities. Taking time to do the things you love does wonders for your mental health, whether you’re a film lover, crafter or musician, try to schedule a specific time every week where you allow yourself the freedom to do whatever you feel like.

No matter what your ability, crafting or being creative during your free time is a great way to wind down and relax after work. It’s also a great way to limit your daily screen time - which is ideal for those working from computers at home or even in an office.

There is a huge range of craft hobbies for beginners that can be easily learnt and are an enjoyable way to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

If you work in front of a computer or smartphone on a daily basis for work, it’s important to take regular screen breaks during the day and in the evenings after work. This is to help prevent headaches and developing potential eyesight issues in the future.

By taking up a crafting hobby such as painting, drawing or even woodworking, you can improve your skills whilst also relaxing away from a screen. If you need some excellent ways to store your crafting essentials or some stationary basics to get you started, visit our specialist organisation or arts and crafts page for some great inspiration for taking up a new craft or hobby. 

Skincare Routine

Spend some time outdoors 

Although it can be easy to stay indoors when working from home or remote working, getting outside for some fresh air or exercise is vital for physical and mental wellbeing.

Even if you don’t have access to a garden, walking to the local park or even around the neighbourhood after work can help you to unwind and refocus your mind. Gardening is a great way to relax and de-stress after a long working day and it can improve your overall health and vitamin D intake too.

Simple lawn care or installing some stylish garden lights can help to make spending time in your outdoor space much more enjoyable. If you’re looking for gardening inspiration, helpful tools and garden accessories take a look at our excellent range of gardening must-haves, ornaments and decorations


Read a book or listen to a podcast

Many of us would agree that it can be difficult to fit in reading a book on a daily basis, let alone every evening. But by setting aside 30 mins to reading after work or just before bed can really help you to relax and unwind after work.

If reading isn’t your thing, why not try listening to a podcast or audiobook. They’re a great way to unwind on the go, whether you’re commuting or doing the weekly shop after work. There are so many different genres to choose from you’ll be able to find one you really enjoy.

Dedicated Clothes For Work

Daily exercise

We all know that exercise is important for our physical health, but its also just as beneficial to our mental wellbeing. Exercising regularly can help to lower our stress levels and give us a boost of endorphins, helping us to switch off after a day at the office or working from home.

Exercise can be as tiring or as gentle as you’d like, from a short walk, chilled yoga session or an intense HIIT workout. Whatever type of exercise you choose, it’s always beneficial to get your body moving and your heart rate elevated.

Making sure you have the right equipment for a successful daily exercise routine is key to ensuring a safe and comfortable work-out.

Investing in a durable yoga or exercise mat is a good way to start as it doesn’t take up much room and can be used for a wide variety of different work-outs. Follow an exercise video online or make up your own toning routine at home. If you’re not a fitness fanatic, try something really low-key like a walk around the block, yoga on the garden or a bike ride.

You could even do a virtual challenge with your friends to keep you motivated, such as setting a goal of how many steps you could walk a day. For great outdoor and exercise must-haves visit our product page today. 



Meditation can sometimes sound a little bit daunting, we picture Buddhist Monks in the Himalayas and a strict sense of control. But meditation is more about allowing your brain to completely switch off, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes a day.

Allowing yourself this time for peace and reflection can really help you switch off from the worries of the day and relax for the evening.

Netflix has a fantastic new show out called ‘Headspace - Guide to Meditation’ which explains meditation in a really simple and effective way and even helps you with guided meditations to jump start your practice!

Bedtime Wind Down

Bedtime Wind Down

How many times have you checked your work email just before bed, then wonder why you can’t sleep with all the next day's workload running through your mind? To ensure a good night's sleep, try to avoid electronic devices at least an hour before bed. This will help you switch off from the to-do lists of tomorrow and the events of the day.

Try using the time to practice your meditation, do light exercise such as bedtime yoga, read a book or listen to your favourite music. This will really help you to rest your mind before bed and allow you to fall asleep much easier.

Limit Phone Usage

Limit Phone Usage

We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with our phones, they are great for staying connected and up to date, but we can all start to feel down with endless doom scrolling and flicking through social media. To reap the benefits of your phone, try having a strict schedule whilst using it.

Allow yourself an hour or so to go through your social media, message friends and browse the internet (as this can also help us switch off from work!) but make sure to set a limit, and once your time is up put your phone to one side for the evening. This will help you connect better with yourself and others in your household and you will be amazed at all the free time you have for hobbies and self-care!

Stay Social

Stay Social

The pandemic has been tough on all our social lives, but it has really put into perspective how much we love all our friends and family and some of us have even reconnected with people who we may not have spoken to in a long time. Make sure to stay connected to all your loved ones, whether that’s through video chat, phone call or traditional letters!

Talking to your friends and family can really help you switch off from work, and allow you to gain a better work/life balance. It can even be fun thinking of new creative games to play over zoom that involves all the family! Why not try a DIY colour brain game or a classic quiz?

Pamper Evening

Pamper Evening

Having a pamper evening is the perfect way to relax and let go of the stress from work. Try taking care of yourself with some skincare pampering using body brushes, run yourself a warm bath and listen to your favourite music.

A pamper evening can essentially involve anything that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. Face masks, fresh bedding or pyjamas and a feel-good film are a great way to start a pamper evening.

There are so many different ways to indulge in a pamper session, but the key is to involve things that you enjoy and perhaps don’t get to do very often. 

The last word on winding down after work

We hope that this has inspired you on how to unwind after work. It’s important to remember that everyone deserves to enjoy some peaceful free time and it’s key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Relaxing after work can be tricky, but adjusting your routine can do wonders for both your physical and mental wellbeing. For more lifestyle tips, visit our blog pages for a variety of helpful advice and handy products.