Afternoon Tea Essentials

Afternoon Tea Essentials

Posted by Steven on 6th Aug 2021

Afternoon Tea Essentials

Afternoon Tea Essentials

Afternoon Tea is one of the great British traditions and it’s the perfect excuse to catch up with loved ones and friends over some delicious treats!

There are few things more satisfying than sitting down to a pot of tea, a round of sandwiches and a selection of mouthwatering cakes. With it being Afternoon Tea Week (9th - 15th August) just around the corner, there’s no better time to indulge in this national pastime.

Throwing your own party means you can control everything from the budget to your choice of favourite finger food and how it’s laid out. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of essentials that you’ll find on Roov, which will help you to host the perfect Afternoon Tea.

2 Tier Slate Cake Stand

2 Tier Slate Cake Stands

This Slate Cake Stand from Maison & White provides you with plenty of space to pile on your sandwiches, cakes, scones, and even meringues ready for your guests to help themselves to.

The two-tier design provides you with practical space to serve and display food, putting it within easy reach and freeing up more room on your table.

The stand includes a folding bamboo base complete with two striking slate shelves that provide a stunning feature to any afternoon tea table. This is a trendy stand that brings a touch of the modern; the perfect platform for your scrumptious sarnies, sausage rolls, and sweet treats!

Glass Infuser Teapot - 600ml

Glass Infuser Teapots

No afternoon tea is complete without a good pot of tea and with the Maison & White Glass Infuser Teapot, you’ll be keeping your guests hydrated throughout!

Each of our Glass Infuser Tea Pots have different capacities, perfect for topping up several cups in one go, as well as a stunning clear glass design that will certainly make an impression on the table. You can also check that your tea is brewing nicely in the process!

The pot also includes a fine stainless steel mesh filter that can be used for loose-leaf, oolong, or herbal teas, giving you a perfect brew every time! If you prefer to keep it simple, you can remove the filter and use tea bags instead.

Wooden Chopping Board

Wooden Chopping Board

This Wooden Chopping Board from Maison & White ticks so many boxes for your Afternoon Tea.

It has a solid birch construction that’s perfect for chopping and slicing, so you can use it to prep your sandwiches beforehand or pre-slice your scones ready for their jam and cream. The natural wood appearance combines with the thick block design to make it a striking serving board, so you can serve your sarnies quickly and easily.

It has a large surface area that’s perfect for loading with savoury snacks or sweet treats and it can be moved quickly between kitchen and table to ensure that none of your guests go hungry in a hurry.

Bamboo Rotating Dip Set & Ceramic Dishes

Bamboo Rotating Dip Set & Ceramic Dishes

Making it easy for your guests to tuck into the delicious snacks you’ve prepared is important, you don’t want everyone reaching over each other to grab food that’s on different plates and bowls.

The Maison & White Bamboo Rotating Dip Set & Ceramic Dishes provide the perfect solution; featuring five ceramic pots that sit to the outside, plus one in the middle that’s great for dips and sauces, you can serve up bitesize scotch eggs, sausage rolls and crisps as well as little sweet treats if you prefer.

The dishes sit on a rotating bamboo base which allows guests to help themselves to different foods and dips quickly and easily, there’ll be no awkward reaching across the table with this set; just be ready to top it up regularly!

Acrylic Cupcake Stand - 4 Tier

Acrylic Cupcake Stands

Individual portions provide a lovely afternoon tea aesthetic and cupcakes are perfect for this very reason. The Maison & White Acrylic Cupcake Stands provide the ideal home for your cupcake creations, fondant fancies, fairy cakes, and mini sponges.

Featuring several tiers to serve on, place this stand in the middle of your table then fill it with treats to create a stunning afternoon tea centerpiece. It offers plenty of space to serve up food, freeing up your table for even more delicious goodies.

This stand doesn’t just have to be for cupcakes, however. Use it to display sandwiches, sausage rolls and scones, the tall design and elegant clear acrylic will make a real impression on your guests as they tuck in!

So that’s our top picks for serving the perfect afternoon tea, they’re all available to buy from our Afternoon Tea Essentials Store along with loads of other AMAZING products such as our Wine Decanters which we used for fruit punch, drinkware and lots more serveware perfect for when you’re putting a spread on for your friends and family!

Whether you’re celebrating Afternoon Tea Week or are putting on a feast for friends, let us know what you think and be sure to share your best shots with us on social media!