The Benefits Of Resistance Bands

Posted by Charlotte on 15th Oct 2019

If you’ve ever visited a gym then I’m sure you will have seen or at least heard of resistance bands. You may have even used them before and just want to know more about how to use them properly or find out how they will benefit you before purchasing.

Here is our short guide on how you are able to incorporate resistance bands into your workout routine and just how effective they are to your workouts!

So what do resistance bands do?

It says it all in the name! Resistance bands add resistance to an exercise you perform, helping strengthen your muscles and making the exercises slightly harder than usual.

What are the benefits of using resistance bands in my work-out?

Great question! Resistance bands have a large number of benefits, as well as helping you strengthen your muscles, they are really affordable and so easy to take on your travels, meaning there are no more excuses with these bands!

List of benefits;

They provide a cost-effective workout. - Resistance bands are very affordable and sometimes even come included with work-out DVDs and packages, meaning you're not spending loads to get your summer body ready! Very versatile. - Coming in many different strengths, resistance bands are very adaptable, meaning you can use different strengths of the bands when working on different parts of your body. Saves storage space, perfect for travelling. - With the bands being so flexible and small, there’s no need to worry about where you are going to keep them. Even when travelling, there will always be room to throw in your resistance bands. They help tone and strengthen your muscles. - As the resistance bands are stretched out, they create an increased tension in your muscles which cause them to contract. The more you stretch out the resistance band the harder the exercise becomes as the resistance you created becomes more intense. Great for stretching. - These stretchy resistance bands are great to use before your work-out, especially if you’re not the most flexible person you know. They allow you to increase your range of motion and become stronger as you slowly move the band away and then back towards your body. Resistance bands can be used with other exercise equipment. - Resistance bands work great on there own but they can even be combined with other equipment you may be using.

What kind of exercises can I do with my resistance bands?

Standing Glute Kickbacks

Standing Glue Kickbacks Loop the resistance band around your ankles and start with your feet together. Place your hands on your hips and put all your weight into the opposite leg to the one you will be kicking back. Try to squeeze your abs as you kick your leg backwards(around 6-inches). Make sure to keep your knee straight whilst doing this. When your legs are both back together in the staring position, this is classed as 1 rep. Do all the reps on one side and then repeat the same for the other leg.

Later Walk (Crab Walk)

Lateral Walk Place the resistance band around both ankles and get into a shallow squat, (this is how you start). Take a wide step to your right with your right foot then bring your left foot back together to your right. Repeat this as many times as you like in the direction. Do the same amount of strides in the opposite direction, following with your left foot this time. Have breaks in between each set but continue to do this movement, alternating in the direction each time.

Lying Lateral Leg Raise

Lying Leg Raises Lie on one side of your body and loop the resistance band around your ankles. Make sure you are laid straight and stacking one leg on top of the other. Prop your head up with your hand and place the other arm in front of your chest for extra support. (This is how you will start.) Slowly lift your leg up as high as you can until you feel a slight ache in your lower back. Make sure to keep your leg straight all the way up. Slowly lower your leg back to the starting position keeping it controlled. This is classed as one rep. Do all one side and do the same for the other leg by changing sides.


Pull Aparts Start with your feet hip-width apart, hold the resistance band with both bands at either end and make sure your arms are stretched out at shoulder height. This is the starting position. Carefully pull the band apart so that your hands move to the side of your body, still being shoulder level. In a controlled movement, bring your hands back to the front of your body to the starting position and repeat.

By incorporating a variety of movements into your work-out, this can really benefit your body! Resistance bands can be a great tool to use when working out, whether it be recovering from a recent injury or simply when wanting to modify your current workout routine. The resistance bands are perfect for getting you that one step closer to your goals.

We hope this guide has helped to give you a bit more insight into how helpful resistance bands really are and just how easy it is to incorporate them into your work-out!

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