Candles & Home Fragrances To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Posted by Charlotte on 6th Feb 2020

Candles & Home Fragrances To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

And yes, they are totally worth it! Your friends will even say “OMG, what is that smell?” and in a good way!

Now let’s be honest, everyone loves a good smelling candle. Whether you light them when you’re in the bath or in your bedroom, the amazing scents and flicker of warm light create a calm and relaxed environment for you to enjoy. I’m sure you know but life is stressful and therapy is expensive... Candles can help create a calming environment whilst not having to pay the hefty bill of a therapist to have some ‘me’ time.

In no particular order, we’ve hunted the internet and even our own website to find you the best-smelling candles and home fragrances that you can fill your home with and set the right mood…

Yankee Candle Awaken: Scent of the Year: 2020

“Scent of the Year: 2020”.That’s a big statement to make but I love the confidence from Yankee! With notes of peony, freesia, sage, amber, and driftwood, 2020's Yankee Candle Scent of the Year is all about clarity and Yankee inspire you to “Welcome 2020 with a fragrance experience you will never forget”, it sounds absolutely delightful if you ask me.

Summer Sweets by WoodWick

This Summer Sweets WoodWick candle will complement your home with a soft crackling noise and inviting scents, featuring a sweet combination of zesty lemon and lime as well as hints of vanilla bean and sweet cream, making your room smell like a delicious sweet shop.

Powdered Cacao Glass Candle

Seduction for the senses! This morish fragrance begins with green leaf, orange, aldehyde and creamy coconut, wrapped in luscious cocoa with notes of vanilla and caramel on a nutty chocolate base. We can’t get enough of this delicious fragrance.

SKANDINAVISK ØY Island Solitude Reed Diffuser

There’s no better word to describe this scent other than fresh. This breezy fragrance is perfectly calming with subtle notes of driftwood, hardy rose, white flowers and green leaves and is inspired by the islands of the wild archipelagos of the Scandinavian seas.

Pumpkin Chai by Nest Fragrances

Now, anyone that says that the scent of pumpkin spice is “basic” is very wrong as the only thing more “basic” than liking pumpkin spice is hating on it. It smells absolutely AMAZING all year round and this candle that Nest Fragrance has created will have you praying for Autumn to come.

Coconut & Mango Noir Country Candle Reed Diffuser

Zests of orange are encased by ozonic, green hues as lily blossoms through the heart with added fresh-ocean touches. The close is powdered with amber, musks and coconut with sweet vanilla, filling the air with this glorious fragrance for around 3-4 months.

Yankee Candle: Pink Sands

I know what you’re thinking, “Another candle by Yankee?” and yes, another candle from Yankee. This has been a personal favourite of mine for years so I simply had to include it in this blog. It smells exactly like an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

Spring Diffuser by The White Company

This lovely scent diffuser is a subtle way to softly fragrance a room all day. If you're looking for the perfect Spring scent, look no more as The White Company mixed floral notes with freshly mown grass for a super fresh fragrance.

Honeysuckle & Davana Scented Candle

When it comes to Jo Malone it almost doesn’t matter what’s inside the box as they are so smart when it comes to packaging. This Honeysuckle & Davana Scented Candle fills the room with instant sunshine, it’s warm and mossy with fruity tones on top, a candle scent that you will really miss when it’s gone.

Rhubarb and Vanilla Diffuser

Fill your rooms with this sumptuous scent by Laura Ashley. This diffuser slowly releases fragrance throughout the day and ensures an inviting atmosphere in any room as well as being a great decorative item for any room in your home.

Tachisme Pepper Scented Candle

Not everyone has heard of the high street brand “& Other Stories” but their candles are great quality, well priced and very long-lasting for the price you pay. The Tachisme Pepper Scented Candle features notes of lemon, cardamom and black pepper, scents that can be found in every note level of this candle.

Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit 2 Wick Candle

If you’re more into the citrus scent when it comes to candles, this Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit 2 Wick Candle has your name all over it. The 2 wicks ensure the candle burns evenly whilst the rose gold coloured lid helps preserve the fragrance when the candle is not in use.

Stoneglow Natures Gift Red Rose Reed Diffuser

Last but not least is this Stoneglow Natures Gift Red Rose Reed Diffuser and if you want your home fragrance to look like it belongs in a fairytale, this reed diffuser is for you. The Red Rose Reed Diffuser releases a sweet floral scent and creates an atmosphere you can relax in.

If you don’t agree with paying over £20 for a candle, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives that you can find in your local supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl which actually do some beautiful dupes for big luxurious home fragrance brands.

Other than the candles and diffusers that I have listed above, there are endless amounts of home fragrances that you can buy but as well as candles and diffusers, why not try Essential Oils? The fragrant oils from Mystic Moments are specifically formulated to be suitable for soaps, both skin and hair care and also can be used to enhance the scents in candles and diffusers. The scents from Mystic Moments are extremely rich, complex, and long-lasting and we have a wide variety of the fragrant oils that they have to offer so make sure to take a look at the Mystic Moments essentials oils range.

To finish off with our suggestions of candles and home fragrances, I know that it’s common sense but with any candle that you light, please make sure to keep them away from curtains, bedding and other flammable materials at all times and never leave candles lit when you leave the house.