DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted by Bethany on 9th Nov 2020

DIY Christmas Presents

DIY Christmas Gifts

Are you looking to give somebody that extra special gift this year, whilst still being kind on your pocket? We have some incredible DIY Christmas gift ideas that will not only save you some pennies but will also make for a really thoughtful gift for friends and family. So go gather all your sequins, ribbons and glue to create some unique and quirky presents!

Take a look at our DIY Christmas Gifts:

Double Walled Mug Hot Chocolate Gift

You will need:

Double Walled Mugs Hot Chocolate Powder (We used white and milk chocolate powders) Chocolate Chips or Chunks Marshmallows Cellophane Ribbon Gift Tag

1. Firstly start by layering your hot chocolate powder into the double-walled mug. Pour the white chocolate powder in first then level out with a teaspoon, then pour the milk chocolate powder straight on top, being careful not to mix the two powders together.

2. Take your chocolate and layer it directly on top of the powders, you can use chocolate chips if you prefer a neater finish, or big chunks of chocolate for that rustic look. Next, take your marshmallows and layer on top of your chocolate. We preferred to use big marshmallows and this made the contents feel more secure and less likely to move, however, mini marshmallows would still work well.

Double Walled Mug Hot Chocolate Gift

3. Next comes the wrapping! Take your cellophane and cut a large piece, it’s easier to remove excess later on than attempting to wrap the mug with too little a piece. Start by taking the two smaller ends of the cellophane and wrap them over the top of the mug, making sure to tape them down to create a seal for the contents. Next, take the two long pieces of cellophane and bunch them together, using tape to secure. You can then trim the excess bits of cellophane to get your desired length.

Double Walled Mug Hot Chocolate Gift

4. Now it’s time to take a rummage through the ribbon drawer. Find whichever colour takes your fancy and tie a lovely bow with a tag attached to conceal the tape and bring the cellophane together. We decided to reuse a tag from a previous gift bag, but you could always purchase a pack or create your own by decorating a piece of card and using a hole punch.

Double Walled Mug Hot Chocolate Gift

And there you have it, a brilliant pressie for any chocolate lover or hot drinks fanatic! The best part is that once they’ve finished all the yummy goodness inside, they will have a gorgeous mug they can use again and again!

DIY Christmas Decorations

You will need: (Style 1)

Hanging Tealight Candle Holders Cotton Wool Sequins Glue Small wooden figurine or decoration Ribbon/String

Style 2

Hanging Tealight Candle Holders Permanent marker Tealights Glue Ribbon/String

I have created two different types of Christmas decorations that will make fantastic Christmas gifts, and are also great fun to make. This is a great one to get the kid’s involved with too!

1. For this first design, start by tearing some cotton wool balls so it creates a snowy effect, then place this inside one of the hanging tealight candle holders. Then take a figurine of your choice, we have used an old recycled key ring but you can purchase similar things at most craft stores, use old Christmas decorations of your own or from a charity shop, or why not have a go at creating your own from cardboard or wood?

DIY Christmas Decoration

2. Now it’s time to bring the Christmas sparkle, take some craft glue and sequins and decorate to your heart’s content. We chose to use a few scattered around to create a snow effect. This would also work brilliantly with glitter, use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of glue, then dip the bauble into a bowl of glitter and allow it to dry!

3. Once you have placed all your sequins or glitter exactly where you would like them, make sure to carefully remove the string and leave the bauble to dry until all elements are secure. We chose to leave ours overnight but always check the label of the glue you are using as drying times can vary.

DIY Christmas Decoration

4. Next it’s time for the finishing touch of bringing a Christmas feel to the string. You can simply untie the burlap one and save for another project and replace with a Christmas themed ribbon or string, however, if you are lacking in the Christmas ribbon department, try painting the provided string or using glitter to bring a festive vibe. We used some leftover string from our gift wrapping theme last year, simply tie a secure knot, et voila, you have yourself a lovely Christmas themed present.

If however, you would like to create a simpler, more chic look then take a look at our second style of Christmas Decoration.

1. Firstly start by gathering your supplies and choosing a colour scheme. We decided to use a simple gold design drawn directly onto the glass tealight holder. Check the label of your permanent marker to see if it is suitable for glass. Sharpies work for this, however if you’re after a really solid colour and bright metallic effect then I would recommend using a POSCA pen, these pens seem to be able to draw on anything and are super easy to work with!

DIY Christmas Decoration

2. Start by applying the first layer of your drawing, we created a simple filigree design, including swirls, leaves and dots. Normally designs like this that include a few different elements make it easier to fill unexpected space or hide errors. We decided to just draw on just the first two-thirds of the bauble, leaving the base blank too. Once you have drawn your first layer, let the design completely dry.

3. Once the design is completely dry, it’s time to build up the colour! I found when using a POSCA pen, that two layers were more than enough to get that bright metallic effect. You could always leave the design as one layer if you are going for more of a watercolour finish. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! If the ink is wet, it will simply wipe off using a dry cotton bud. If the design has already dried, use your fingernail to gently scratch the ink away. If you have used a sharpie, try using acetone on a cotton bud, or some other rubbing alcohol to remove the ink.

DIY Christmas Decoration

4. Once you are happy with your design, it’s time for the festive ribbon! Like before, you could always decorate the string that is provided, recycle some old ribbon, or purchase some new ones. Do you recognise the ribbon we have used? It is from the classic Lindt bunny, we have just removed the bell!

DIY Christmas Decoration

Here are both of the baubles together, we thought the first design would be perfect as a bauble on the Christmas tree and the second design looks brilliant as a Christmas themed tealight holder. These can be so easily personalised to your recipient's style, and make a really wonderful gift.

SAFETY NOTE: Never place an open flame anywhere near your Christmas tree. If you would like to use the tealight design on your Christmas tree or near any flammable objects then please use an LED or electric tealight.

Christmas Sweet Jars

You will need:

Set of 3 Vintage Airtight Glass Jars Sweets of your choice Ribbons/String Small Christmas decoration Gift Tag

1. Firstly start by taking one of your Vintage Glass Jars and filling them with sweets of your choice. You can get really personal here and get a selection of your recipients favourite sweeties, or maybe even try baking! These jars are large enough to hold things like brownies, or homemade toffee.

Christmas Sweet Jars

2. Next it’s time to get creative with your decoration. We chose to layer up a selection of burlap, and satin ribbons to create a gorgeous festive feel. First, start by cutting the exact amount of burlap to fit around the jar, and then use double-sided tape to stick the burlap ribbon directly to the jar. The double-sided tape will easily be removed with hot soapy water, should the recipient wish to remove it. Then repeat this process with the layered ribbons, making sure to always stick the tape to the layer below, so there’s not an inch of tape in sight!

There are so many possibilities with this decoration, you could print or draw personalised names onto the burlap ribbon using lino or permanent marker or you could simply layer up different coloured ribbons like we have, for a really quick but effective option.

3. Once you’re happy with your ribbon placement, why not add some decoration? We chose to stick to our simplistic theme and just add a single wooden snowflake which we attached directly to the ribbon using craft glue. Small wooden decorations like this are found in most craft stores, normally down the card making isles. You could always use sequins or glitter too!

Christmas Sweet Jars

4. Finally attach some lovely festive string and your own gift tag to finish off the festive look. This gift is so simple and quick to do but makes for a lovely personalised gift, there is nothing better than receiving your favourite sweets, chocolates or bakes on Christmas day!

So there is our selection of DIY Christmas gifts, which are not only easy and fun to make but also make really thoughtful gifts. We know with lockdown and COVID-19 that Christmas shopping will be even more difficult this year, so give them something you know that they will love and be able to reuse again and again.

Christmas Sweet Jars

If you like any of our DIY Christmas Gift ideas and are thinking or recreating them, please make sure to show us your DIY gifts by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, We would love to see your creations!