Fun Craft Ideas For Kids At Home

Posted by Charlotte on 11th Jun 2020

Fun Craft Ideas For Kids At Home

Although we may currently hate being stuck at home right now, this time at home with our kids is the perfect time to get crafty with our kids! There are so many fantastic project ideas online, but we thought we would give you a few ideas of our own that will help you get creative during lockdown with your children! Or if you feel like you’re all crafted out but haven’t tried a few of these yet, you can even save them for when the kids are off school or for a rainy day, these fun craft ideas will keep you and the kids entertained for hours on end!

But why is it important to get creative with your kids?

Not only is creative activities like arts and crafts a great bonding exercise for you and your children, but it is also proven in studies to be really beneficial to your child’s development too! It is proven to provide immediate and lasting cognitive benefits but also creates a unique bonding experience, which creates lifelong memories and what more could you ask for than some bonding time with your children?

But does it cost a lot of money?

Arts and craft projects doesn’t have to cost anything at all if you recycle things from home but if you do not own any children-friendly paints, you may want to spend a few pounds at your local crafts store or online and pick up a few extra bits but if you aren’t wanting to spend any money on these creations, it doesn’t have to cost a penny! Arts and craft projects can be whatever you want them to be and it’s all about being creative and using your imagination so make the most of the products around you, milk bottles, toilet roll tubes, straws, it’s amazing what you and your kids can create with some simple household items!

Nearly 90% of the parents surveyed for a study said that they would love to spend more time creating arts and crafts with their children, but they didn’t know where to start or how to free up the time needed to complete the crafts.

Well, with this list of quick and simple crafts ideas, we hope to show you that there is always time to get creative with the kids, whether this is a 20-minute crafts session or an all-day kind of project, the ideas are endless and are SO simple to do!

Rocket Jet Pack

Turn your kids dream of being an astronaut into real life by creating their very own DIY rocket jet pack! A quick and easy project to make every kid's dream come true of one day shooting up into the stars!

Key Wind Chimes

Do you have lots of old, random keys lying about in your house? If so, why not put them to good use and let your kids make their very own wind chimes! All you will need is some old keys, a long stick and some string to hang the keys from, paint them colourfully and boom/! Your very own wind chime made by your children!

Bubble Paintings

I used to love making bubble paintings when I was little, they used to keep me busy for hours! My parents also loved them so much, I guess now I know why as it was such a cheap but fun activity to do, they wouldn't need to spend much money on this activity but it was one of my favourites, creating lots of colourful bubble pictures to stick on the fridge until we ran out of magnets to out them up!

Paper Dream Catchers

If like me when I was a kid, your children suffer often from nightmares, letting them make their own dream catchers will help them sleep ever better knowing they created their very own dream catcher that will help keep all the bad and scary dreams away at night!

Make a bug hotel

Now this one does need you to have access to some quiet outdoor space but it can also work well if you have a small patio area outdoors too. Gather up some twigs, leaves, wood and bark and make a hotel for creepy crawlies, keeping the kids entertained for weeks and letting them check daily what new bugs are in their bug hotel!

Finger painting

One of the quickest and easier arts and crafts ideas and a task that you can adapt for all ages of children, even us adults can get involved too! How many different animals can they make out of fingerprints? Have a friendly contest with the kids to see who can make the most zoo animals using only their fingers and the paint given to them, let their imagination run wild when creating their favourite zoo animals.

Make your own masks

Making your own masks will only require some paper, scissors and some colouring pens to colour in your masks, you can also use decorations like glitter and glue if you want to let your kids go that step further. You can either let the kids hand draw these or there are plenty of printable masks that you can get online that the kids will just need to cut out( with your help of course) and colour in with their favourite colours.

Make a paper fortune teller

I can’t believe I almost forgot about this one! I used to love making these as a kid with my siblings, making up my own answers to the fortunes and making my siblings take a go. No special supplies are needed for this timeless kids activity, just grab a sheet of paper, and a pen and get going!

Paint pebbles and rocks

Add some fun and colour into your outdoor space by turning your boring grey rocks into fun, colourful animals! Take some medium-sized rocks and some child-friendly paint and let the kids get creative, painting their favourite animals onto the rocks. Ladybirds, butterflies, bumblebees, the list is endless and they will add some colourfulness to the brown soil.

Paper weaving

Now last but not least, another great way to craft using just a few simple pieces of paper! Paper weaving is great for your child's development as it teaches children hand coordination and will hold their fascination for ages, this is still one I would enjoy doing myself. All you need are a few strips of different colour paper and some glue to help stick the pieces down once you’ve finished your weave.

Some other great quick and easy arts and crafts projects that you can keep the kids busy with are:

Homemade pasta necklaces Pinecone bird feeders Pipe cleaner wands Homemade glitter slime Pretty paper flowers Princess and Wizard stick wands Toilet roll animals Potato prints Washi tape hopscotch All of these and many, many more!

Now I know that we haven’t listed the instructions on how to do these tasks but they are all pretty simple that if you wanted, you could even make them up as you went along if you wanted to. So, if you can’t remember how to do these fun and easy arts and crafts projects or want some help remembering the steps, all of these activities can be found online with a quick internet search!

We hope that by this time you haven’t run out of creativeness and that we have given you some more arts and crafts ideas to carry on being creative with your kids during lockdown. Remember to take this time to bond with your children and let their imaginations run wild being creative and young as well as help develop their skills!