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Garden Supplies


Make your garden look its best with our fantastic range of garden accessories. If you’re looking to create a haven to entertain or relax, we‘ve got you covered.


If you’re somebody who loves their garden plants, we have a fabulous range of plant pots and planters of all sizes, as well as gnomes and ornaments that bring charm and character to any outdoor setting.


Our stunning garden lights help you to set the right scene, whether it’s mood lighting for a chilled evening under the stars or lights to illuminate your flower beds. Choose the ones that will compliment and enhance the design of your outdoor space.


Perhaps the most important way to enjoy your garden is by investing in the right furniture and we’ve got all the tools to help you prolong the life of yours, with garden furniture covers in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as plenty of garden storage options so that you can always keep it neat and tidy.


Whatever the look you’re going for in your garden, find all the supplies you need at Roov today!