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Soft Furnishing Home Decor for the Living Room


Decorate your living room with some of our super cute and quirky home decor soft furnishings! One of the best feelings in the world is falling onto your living room couch and cosying up with your blankets and cushions. We’re here to make that feeling a reality with our huge collection of soft furnishing home decor for the living room. 


Home Decor for the Living Room: Rugs and Mat


You’ll also find a series of mats and rugs that you can use in your living room, children’s room and family areas of the house. You’ll find trendy small bohemian styled rugs that you can use as arm covers for your sofas, and large rugs that you can use to keep your feet warm. Or an adorable Narwhal rug that you can put in your children’s room to keep the floor soft and warm.


Soft Door Stops


Here at Roov, we believe that you should be able to have the option to hold your door open without the fear of breaking a toe! Our soft door holders will not only keep your toes safe and your door open, but are adorable and trendy; making them the perfect home decor for the living room.


Soft Furnishings

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