Our Top 5 Just Added Products For August 2020

Posted by Steven on 28th Aug 2020

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Our Top 5 Just Added Products 2020

If you’re someone who likes to keep your home organised or simply enjoys adding stylish decorative pieces to your abode, our range of products is always expanding with fantastic new arrivals for you to get your hands on! Here we’ve compiled a list of products that provide practical storage, style or could be a thoughtful gift for someone important to you.

Here are our ‘Top 5 Products’ that have just arrived!

Natural Seagrass Storage Basket

Natural Seagrass Storage Basket

Stylish storage is something any modern home needs, whether that’s in cupboards, on shelves or on sideboards. The Maison & White Seagrass Basket is a brilliant way to keep items neatly stored and organised.

Manufactured from carpet woven seagrass material around a wire frame, the basket is incredibly lightweight and with two easy carry handles at either end you can move it around your home without fuss. What’s more, you receive a set of 4 here so you’ve got more than enough to make clutter a thing of the past!

Glass Candle Cylinders

Glass Candle Cylinders - Set of 3

Elegant and beautifully constructed, these Glass Candle Cylinders help to create a warm and cosy atmosphere throughout your home. The assorted set of 3 Maison & White Glass Candle Cylinders are made from strong soda-lime glass providing a comfortable and safe storage place for your lit candle, whilst keeping them the centre of attention.

As these cylinders are of different size and are a set of 3, you can use them in different areas of the home on their own, or altogether as a striking centrepiece.

Hanging Wall Baskets

Hanging Wall Planters - Set of 2

If you have empty, unused walls but no space on countertops to put your house plants, give these Maison & White Hanging Wall Planters a try. They have a sleek, minimalist design that doesn’t take up too much space and provide a unique alternative to hanging pictures.

Fill them with real or artificial plants to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home and boost your mood and wellbeing; the flat back and strong hanging strap makes them easy to fix up. They make fantastic gifts for any plant enthusiast too!

Mini Ceramic Oven Dishes

Rectangular Mini Ceramic Oven Dishes - Set of 4

Serve up delicious lasagna, pies or tapas dishes straight from the oven with these adorable Maison & White Mini Ceramic Oven Dishes. Rather than having guests reaching over the table trying to spoon out portions from larger cooking dishes, these dishes provide the perfect portion size for one person.

Made from durable ceramic that is microwave and oven safe up to 200°C, they come in 4 different colours - blue, red, orange and green - to provide some colourful charm to meal times and have two handles that make removing them from the oven and carrying to the table an easier task. You can also pick them up in an oval variety for casseroles or hot desserts.

Cosmetic Storage Basket

Cosmetic Storage Box

If you find that your dressing table, makeup shelves or bathroom cupboards have become cluttered, the Pukkr Cosmetic Storage Box is a great solution. Made from rattan-style plastic, this box not only looks good but provides fantastic storage too, including five compartments that are perfectly sized for your favourite cosmetic goods.

As well as being perfect for cosmetics and toiletries, you can use this storage basket all around your home. It can be a great kitchen caddy for cleaning products and cloths, or even a stylish office accessory where you can store stationery, notepads and cables.

So those are our top picks from our recently added items to Roov! Let us know what you think and what your favourite new products are. If you’ve purchased them too, share it with us on our Instagramwith the hashtag #iliketoroovit, #roov and #roovit!