Kitchen Essentails You Need

Posted by Charlotte on 9th Oct 2019

When you start to think about everything you will need in your Kitchen to cook, bake and entertain, the thought of it can become quite daunting, whether you are just new to cooking or if you are moving into your first home. By having a long categorised list of the tools and equipment like ours below, it will make the process of buying everything a lot easier for you when the time comes!

Certain retailers even sell small starter kits for the kitchen that are very affordable, suiting most budgets so always try and look to these retailers, stores and cookware companies that offer these packages as they can save you a lot of money.

To make your kitchen an easy place to work, always make sure you have everything set out in an organised way, that your sink and drainboard are all clear and your kitchen sides are clean. Like any good kitchen, you need good tools. Here is our list of essential kitchen tools we feel everyone needs in their kitchen!



Let’s start with the basics. You want to get some good quality knives for your kitchen, making sure that they feel good in your hands. It’s always better to spend a little more money on a quality set of knives that are going to last a lot longer that if you were to pick up a very cheap set. You always want to try and get a good variety of sizes as different cooking tasks will require different sizes and styles (serrated or not).

Chopping Boards.

Another basic piece of equipment on our list but an essential in any kitchen. There are so many different chopping boards on the market that you can choose from, especially if you are wanting to keep to a budget. If you are looking for a cheaper board, there are still very good-quality plastic chopping boards that have a non-slip feature and are still very durable. But if you are wanting to go all out, I would suggest the heavy wooden chopping boards, they are perfect, high quality and extremely durable, you’ll hardly ever have to switch out your boards with these.

Mixing Bowls.

Mixing bowls are needed in almost any cooking activity and such a handy piece of equipment in cooking and baking. A set of 3 different sized mixing bowls are perfect, when you don’t need a big bowl, you can always choose the smaller bowl out of the three. They are also a good space saver when storing your equipment away as they can stack inside each other. A very versatile, inexpensive tool that will last in your kitchen.

Measuring Spoons and Cups.

If you are wanting to do a lot of baking or if you are a more advanced cook, it is very important for you to know that you should always buy both dry and liquid measuring cups/ spoons as using dry measuring cups for a wet ingredient can cause an inaccurate measurement, just if you were to use a wet measuring cup for a dry ingredient.

Other Prepware Utensils.

Much of the food prep that you will be doing in the kitchen will more than likely require other very helpful gadgets, like a vegetable peeler, a can opener, grater and even a zester to give that extra flavour in dishes. Some more experienced cooks may also want to buy a garlic press, hand blender or a citrus juicer to add to their collection.


Pots and Pan's.

You can buy sets of these or even buy them as individual pieces if you don’t tend on using them that often. Pots and pans are essential for your kitchen, (unless you’re going to be living off microwave meals!). It’s always good to get different sized pots and pans and there are so many to choose from to suit your style and budget. Always make sure that they feel sturdy and built to last as you can quickly spend money on replacing them if they are not made well.

Frying Pan’s.

There’s nothing better waking up in the morning and making a full-english breakfast or some yummy pancakes to start off your day. You’ll definitely need a frying pan for these tasty meals. Many retailers will sell frying pans or non stick skillets in sets with various sizes which is very helpful and saves you some money. Always remember if you are going to buy any non-stick frying pans or skillets, not to use any metal utensils on them as it can affect there non-stick surfaces.

Casserole Dishes.

Whether you are making a tasty lasagne, pasta-bake or mac-n-cheese, a set of casserole dishes will be your best friend. It’s always wise to get a few and in different sizes too as they will come in very handy. If you are feeling a little lazy and just want to throw a one-dish meal into the over these are great, especially when your cooking for a bigger party of people!

Selection Of Utensils.

You can stick them in a large pitcher, organise them in a drawer or even hang them from the walls. Utensils are crucial in every kitchen, beginner or experienced. Make sure to pick up some wooden spoons, a spatula, soup ladle, set of tongues and a whisk or two. Don’t forget about a colander for rinsing rice, pasta and draining your vegetables. And if you like mashed potatoes, it’s handy to pick up a potato masher to make the job easier!

As well as all of the above, make sure to add some oven mitts, dish cloths, food storage containers and drying mats to your basket. And don’t forget to pick up some cleaning products because once you’ve done all of your cooking and baking using your new kitchen equipment, you’ll need as much help cleaning up as you can get, that’s for sure!

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