Stove Fans And Why They Are Great For Your Home

Posted by Charlotte on 30th Oct 2019

So in your home you have a wood burner, log burner or multi-fuel stove, all which are great BUT, do you find that every time friends or family are round that they are always fighting for the closest spot to the stove as everywhere else in the room just isn’t as hot enough? That can all be solved by purchasing a stove fan!

Stove fans are a fantastic innovation that has been around for a while now as they dramatically improve the warmth given out from your stove. Wood burning stoves continue to be such a popular item for those people looking for a traditional way to heat their homes and have that cosy feeling when sitting at home. I guess it also comes in handy that they are aesthetically pleasing as they provide a great focal point for any room you have!

Having said that, without using a stove fan it can take a while to warm up a room, especially a big one. By using a stove fan, it will help heat the room up in just a fraction of the time and they are such an easy accessory to have that help maximise the warmth you receive from your stove.

Did you know that 26% of people who took part in a recent survey by were not informed on how to use their stove fan effectively which will also include the use of a wood burning stove fan? Bizzare right?

Using a self-powered stove fan where the heat from the stove powers the fan as well as significantly helping distribute heat around the room, it in turn also reduces the use of logs that you burn both saving the environment and money. There a no brainer!

Stove with and without stove fans

What is the best position for a stove fan?

One thing that is important when wanting the stove fan to work as efficiently as possible is to make sure that the stove fan has space behind it. This is because the stove fan will draw cooler air from behind it to help power itself, if you were to set it up against a wall then this would cause an inefficient system for your fan, not working to its potential. I would also suggest placing the stove fan towards the rear of your stove so that it will push the warm air into the room.

Where to place stove fans

Can the fan get too hot?

Yes, if your fan gets too hot either due to being left too long or the stove being so hot, this can cause damage to the motor from overheating. There is an easy way to prevent this though and that is by adding a simple accessory for your stove fan; a stove thermometer. This checks on the temperature of your stove and know when it is getting too hot for your fan. Different fan models have different maximum temperatures so also make sure to check the products specifications.

A carefully designed, heat powered stove fan by Maison and White placed on top of the log burning stove uses conductive heat to generate an electrical current to power the fan and distribute the heat into the room rather than allowing the heat to rise up and concentrate around the stove and chimney. So why not try them out?

We would also recommend taking care of your wood-burning stove by following some simple guidelines:

Use dry wood with a maximum of 20% moisture and 2% sulphur. Clean the stove chimney once a month. Hetas also has some great advice for all things stove fans.

If you’re thinking about buying a stove fan and have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to answer any questions you may have.

Or if you have purchased one of our stove fans and would like to let others know about how they have worked for you, you can also leave your review on the products pages ‘Leave review’ section, below our descriptions.

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