Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2020

Posted by Charlotte on 12th Jul 2020

Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2020

2020 is the start of a brand new decade, so what better time to update your home? If you’ve lived in your home for a long time now, it’s probably 10 years of the same old stuff... Now's the time to refresh your walls with a new lick of paint and switch out some of your maybe dated decor.

Fashion and interior design trends are constantly evolving, tempting us to update our homes rather than change them completely but whilst trends change and evolve, they aren’t always at the same time and some are definitely more popular than others. What’s great about interior design is that you can just go with the trends that suit your style and your home already!

So to give you some serious interior design inspiration, we took a look at some of our favourite interior design pros and gathered them together in a list just for you.

Whether you love interior design trends or not, there will definitely be one or two ideas from our list that you’ll love and will continue to love throughout the next 10 years…

A Modern Design Trend - Japandi

1. Japandi

This trend has been around now for quite some time but hasn’t had much of the lime light in interior design over the last few seasons but as we move into the new seasons, this trend is definitely one I think will take the spotlight! It’s a mash up of elegant Japanese minimalism but with a touch of the rustic Scandinavian style too.

If your home is the ‘less-is-more style with uncluttered spaces and a pretty focused colour palette then this trend is definitely one for you.

A Modern Design Trend - Dark Wood Kitchen

2. Dark Kitchens

Matt, dark kitchens and cabinetry has become super popular over the last six months with people transforming their kitchens and cabinets to a much darker, bolder colour! In the last six months, searches for navy blue kitchen have even gone up by 93%!

Interior designers are loving black, dark grey and navy blue finishings in the kitchen to contrast with the light and white colours. They then add pops of colour elsewhere in the kitchen such as on the door and cabinet handles with gold or silver colours.

It seems that navy blue is the new go-to-trend colour and is quickly replacing grey!

Rattan & Wicker Furniture

3. Rattan and Wicker Furniture

These materials aren’t just popular on the back deck but also inside now too! In 2020 we have seen more and more rattan and wicker materials make their way into our homes and personally, I’m here for it too!

In a way it reminds me of being a kid on holidays, in the warm weather with the tables and chairs outside restaurants. It's a perfect balance of traditional style but with a modern touch.

Free-Standing Bath Tubs

4. Free-standing Bath Tubs

Another one of my personal favourites. Looking for a wash to freshen up your bathroom and want something different? Why not switch out your existing bathtub for a freestanding tub? If your space allows it, treat your bathroom to a whole new makeover and watch the free standing tub completely transform the room!

Structured Simplicity

5. Structured Simplicity

Similar to the Nordic Retreat trend of 2019, structured simplicity is back and better than ever. This interior trend is all about creating a calm and chilled space inside your home where you can relax, simple designs and decor pieces.

It’s all about the neutral tones with this trend so trade the bold and bright styles for soft and neutral, the colours need to be calm just like the environment you’re trying to create.

The Plaster Effect

6. The Plaster Effect

It completely moves away from the exposed brickwork and heavy metal designs and focuses more on the sandy and textured walls, mimicking the look of raw plaster.

This interior trend is definitely more for the people who like the minimalist design for sure with very little furniture to decorate to go with the minimalist style.

Nude Colours

7. Nude Colours

Don’t get me wrong we love grey, but these past few seasons we’ve seen homeowners be drawn further and further towards the warmer tones of nudes. Now I don’t mean just pink nudes but the warmer, friendlier tones like oatmeal and stone colours.

The shades feel most modern and fresh when paired with crisp white and black accents as the colours really compliment each other, it’s such a simple change to your interior design but a trend that is making a big difference in designs.

Abstract Energy

8. Abstract Energy

If you are more adventurous with your style and like the fun and colourful styles of design, this is a great trend of 2020 that you should look at. It focused more on geometric designs, hand drawn sketched and playful blocks of colours.

You can really express your personality with this trend by creating a certain mood or emotion.This fabulous design has certainly won my heart because as much as I love the minimalist trends right now, this one brings out my artistic side perfectly.

Honest Comfort Layers

9. Honest Comfort Layers

When i think of comfort, I think of lots of soft throws and cushions on my sofa creating just a really cosy, inviting feeling for my guests and that's what comfort layers are all about.

Layer up on your cushions, throws, knitted blankets and faux furs and create a space that instantly feels inviting. Natural colours work really well with this trend so I would suggest going for a mix of cool blues and greys maybe with some warmer pinks and nudes too.

Off White Kitchens

10. Non-White Kitchens

The 2010’s were all about the white kitchen, “all-white-everything” but as we’ve moved into the new decade, there’s been a shift towards new colours for this space. The colours designers have been reaching for recently are more natural wood colours, natural wood cabinets and even off white colours like light greys, all of which still allow light to fill the room and create an airy vibe.

All of the above trends are my personal favourite trends of 2020’s interior design. Hopefully these highlights have given you some serious design inspiration!

The good thing about these trends is that they can all be super achievable and can be as expensive or cheap to achieve as you want them to be.