University Checklist

Posted by Bethany on 14th Sep 2020

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University Checklist 2020

Wondering what to take to your student accommodation? We have got you covered with this ultimate university checklist that includes homewares, kitchen essentials and bathroom items. Check our our ‘University Checklist’ below:

Pots & Pans, Bamboo Spoons, Bowls, Jars

University Checklist: Kitchen Essentials

Be the master of the kitchen by impressing your housemates with your culinary skills. Here we have gathered all the essential items you will need to cook, clean, drink and eat!

Set of 3 Stainless Steel Saucepans - Cook up a storm in the kitchen. 20 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set - Hard wearing and sturdy. 2 x Double Walled 275ml Glass Mugs - Will keep hot drinks toasty and cold drinks refreshing. Set Of 4 Porcelain Bowls - For the most important meal of the day, breakfast (or dessert). Set of 5 Clip Top Glass Storage Jars - Keep food fresh and tidy. Coloured Index Chopping Board Set - Be safe in the kitchen. Glass Food Storage Containers - For your packed lunch on the go. Set of 3 Glass Oven Dishes - Perfect for all your bakes. Set of 7 Teak Utensils - Beautiful and hard wearing, need we say more? Antibacterial Bamboo Cleaning Sponges - The eco-friendly cleaning option. Set of 3 Glass Measuring Jugs - Get the right amount every time. Set of 4 Whiskey Tumblers - For when you’re feeling posh.
Copper Finish Wine Glasses

Copper Finish Wine Glasses - Set of 2 - These beautiful Copper Finish Wine Glasses are perfect for any gathering, or just to treat yourself after a long day of studying.

Soap Dispensers, Toilet Brush & Shower Caddy

University Checklist: Bathroom Items

Whether you’re lucky enough to have dorms with your own bathroom, or are sharing with your housemates, make sure to look at these essential items that will keep your bathroom well organised and easy to clean.

Set of 2 Mason Jar Soap Dispensers - Ditch the plastic and opt for this rustic alternative. Soft Bristle Toilet Brush - Keep the loo sparkly clean. 10 Bamboo Toothbrushes - The eco-friendly option that will look chic on the countertop. Bathroom Basket - Keep all your belongings neatly in one place. Multi-Compartment Toothbrush Holder - To display those pretty bamboo toothbrushes. Freestanding 3 Tier Shower Caddy - No need for permanent fixtures to keep your shampoo looking tidy in the shower. Over Door Towel Rack - The perfect solution to store your towels if you’re short on space. Stainless Steel Squeegee - For a streak free shine on your tiles and glass.