Valentines Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Posted by Charlotte on 29th Jan 2020

Valentines Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Are you struggling to find a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner this year? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered helping you find some romantic gifts and even some extras to maybe help set the mood for the lovely surprise dinner you’re planning for your other half!

Valentine’s Day isn’t far away, so for all of you that haven’t even started to think about what to get your other half, you best start buying soon! I know everyone can be forgetful every now and then but on a day as big as Valentine’s day, it’s important to make the effort, which is why I thought I would help out and throw you some ideas.

The list below doesn’t just have to be gifts, they can also be used to create a romantic setting for you and your partner on valentines day! Here they are...

A4 Lightboxes

Now, this product can be used as either a gift or a mood setter. Use the A4 Lightboxes to create cute messages or give as a gift to someone! And if you’re feeling extra in love and are wanting to pop the question, why not use the A4 Lightbox to help ask the question?

Personalised Pint Glass

There's nothing like a good pint to make someone’s day better, especially when it’s their very own pint glass! These glasses are ideal for any occasion and add that personal touch for any larger or beer lover. Retailers sell hundreds of different designs, shapes and types of engravings so there are plenty to choose from and personalise for your partner.

Jewellery Stands

If you are celebrating your first valentine's day, if you aren’t officially ‘together’ yet or if you’ve been together for years, gifting a jewellery stand or box is always a nice, thoughtful gift and it allows them to store all of their precious jewellery in one space.

Men’s Self Care Gift Set

There are plenty of options out there for grooming or self-care gift sets, so make sure to have a good browse to see what suits your partner the best! They are the ideal all-in-one kit that your man can pack and take anywhere he goes as well as feeling fresh with all his new goodies.

Set of 10 Picture Frames

With this Set of 10 Picture Frames, you can give your partner, a thoughtful collage created by you filled with memories that you have made together. Or if you’re cooking a surprise dinner, you could even place the photo frames around the room to give it that special touch.

Personalised Sweet Treats

Make the effort this year and get your partner their favourite sweet treats personalised! It's the best way to ensure that nobody gets their hands on their chocolate stash again! Whether you're looking for an extra little gift or maybe even want to treat yourself to something sweet, they are a great present to give and also to receive.

Cheese Boards

A Cheese Board is always the perfect gift set for any cheese connoisseur or cheese lover in your life, and we most definitely all know at least one! Again, they can be used to gift to your partner or to serve cheese and meats on for the homemade dinner date you are planning for you both to enjoy.

Luxury Bath Pillow

Give the gift of pure relaxation this Valentine’s day with the luxury bath pillow, also sold with a gift box option if you are not the best wrapper! With ultimate back and neck support for your bath, it turns any bathtub into a home spa of superior comfort and indulgence.

Rocking Whiskey Glasses

Our set of 2 Maison & White Rocking Whiskey Glasses are the ideal gift for any liquor fan, the appealing aesthetic and unique design are sure to impress your partner. The glasses can be used with a wide range of spirits, such as rum, vodka, Irish whisky, cognac and many more, and allows the drink to easily swirl to release aromas and flavours.

Heart-Shaped Bamboo

Longer lasting than a standard bouquet, this heart-shaped bamboo comes in three sizes to choose from. Legend has it that bamboo brings good fortune, so that's a promising sign for your relationship and a great gift if your partner loves their plants.

Crystal Roses Ornament

This Maison & White Crystal Roses Ornament is a gorgeous idea which anybody would be more than happy to receive. Packaged in a premium gift box, the presentation of our Crystal Roses Ornament matches its spectacular quality matching the quality of the glass ornament inside.

Collage Puzzles

It's a lot more thoughtful knowing that a gift has come from the heart and it looks so easy to create. Make a personalised photo puzzle to gift this valentine’s day so your loved one can enjoy the memory again and again as well as enjoying building the puzzle together!

Bamboo Bath Caddy

The only thing that beats breakfast in bed is a candlelit bath at night. Make it more personal by filling the tray with sweets, wine, and some books for the perfect relaxed setting as well as some lit candles around the bathroom too.

Travel Gift Card

If you want to spoil your partner with a trip or weekend away this year but are stuck on where to take them, why not buy a travel gift? Just like a gift voucher but for travelling! has lots of different vouchers to choose from as well as a few experience vouchers too.

Everyone seems to panic and struggle when buying presents so hopefully, a few of our ideas have caught your eye and will make buying your Valentine's gifts this year a little easier for you! Or, maybe you found something you liked yourself and was able to hint to a loved one or even treat yourself!

As well as all of these gifts and accessories that you can buy for your partner on Valentines Day this year, we have created a Valentine’s Day gift ideas store containing some great gift ideas and even more accessories to make Valentine’s day as romantic as you possibly can, featuring products from Maison and White and Pukkr, check it out here.